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Born At Home Toys

Fait Ensemble

Recipes For a Great Summer Salad

Salad can be a great meal in this scorching hot summer weather. Cool, fresh vegetables of all sorts are easy to get at the farmers’ market. It’s pretty common for us to make a salad as a side or even as a whole meal. Used to it was commonplace for us to rely on store-bought dressings [...]

Spicy Pint Jar Ketchup

Years ago we faced a dilemma. A dilemma unlike any other dilemma. It was a ketchup dilemma. As we were slowly wising up to better nutrition and changing our diet, we decided to eliminate as much high fructose corn syrup from our diet as possible. However, a typical bottle of ketchup is chock-full of high [...]

Ginger-Spiced Pumpkin Bread

With Fall here and Halloween approaching, it is the perfect time to bake up a loaf of our delicious pumpkin bread. This time we added ginger spice for a twist. And it’s so good that we decided to share.

Ingredients 2 cups Sucanat (dehydrated cane juice) or other natural sweetener ½ cup honey ½ cup high-quality oil [...]

Sunday Surf: Lacto-Fermented Foods & Beverages

This week my interest in lacto fermented foods and beverages was reignited and, of course, I found plenty of information and links for the taking.

First up, A Year of Slow Cooking shows how to make yogurt in your crockpot. This is one of the easiest methods I’ve found thus far. I look forward to [...]

Traditional Foods No-Bake Cookies

The recipes I see for no-bake cookies call for quick oats. Quick oats aren’t so healthy – they’re difficult to digest. Jenny over at Nourished Kitchen has an excellent post about why you should soak your grains. So with a little ingenuity and blending of some high-quality fats we made a batch of Traditional Foods [...]