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Post-partum Depression? Eat the Placenta!

Eat the placenta?! I must be joking, right? Nope, not at all. And here’s why:

My oldest was born in October 2007. The months that followed were a very difficult time for me. I consistently sensed a dark cloud above me and felt panicky at times. Things appeared really bleak and hopeless to me. I [...]

The Birth of Our Second Born (2010)

Unlike the pregnancy with my oldest, this one was full of confusion and hardships. Not from the pregnancy itself. But from making a lot of poor choices which led us to a rather unhappy place in our lives. I felt rather out of touch with this pregnancy because of all the outside stress. We moved [...]

The Birth of Our First Born (2007)

Three years ago this morning our little man charged into our lives at full force. Today he is a happy, healthy and expressive little boy who greets each day at full force – so much like himself on that night three years ago.

In celebration of his third birthday I share the [...]